FINCA Chocolat Belize, LLC

Caribbean Capital Group, LLC is proud to present a unique offering that will deliver a powerful combination of attractive yearly cash flow and long-term appreciation.
Our goal is to provide investors with a profit as we manage, produce, harvest, and sell the highest quality cacao and salmwood to the marketplace.
If you are looking to:
  • Invest offshore for diversity
  • Have a sustainable investment
  • Enjoy Cacao as a superfood
  • Help reforest the earth one tree at a time
  • Hold a passive investment
This opportunity checks all the boxes …
  • Well-established farm, currently producing.
  • Agriculture investment with passive income
  • Available for accredited and non-accredited investors

Minimum Investment: $30,000

Projected Returns: 9% to 11%

If you are interested in learning more, register for our advance notice list and be the first invited to the upcoming investor webinar, review investment documents and submit a soft commitment.