COVID-19 & The Smart Guys

We all agree the world is changing and FAST. We must change, pivot, and adapt if we are to survive. The answer is not watching Fox News or CNN all day. It’s not even about COVID-19. It’s about all the money the US and other governments are printing to pay for the stimulus packages and how that is to be paid back. What we can learn from a halting of the economy from this one instance?

There are very smart people in the world that are sharing their knowledge, educating with their expertise and I’ve had the pleasure to meet with some of them and learn.

Through tribal learning, The Real Estate Guys™, Robert Helms and Russell Gray, have been educating and mentoring me for about five years. Because of their passion for sharing knowledge and building a tribe, I have met with Robert Kiyosaki, Ken McElroy, Garrett Sutton Esq., Tom Wheelwright, G Edward Griffith, Peter Schiff, Brien Lundin, and Dana Samuelson, and so many others that I have been blessed to meet and get to know.

One particular connection I’ve made is with Peak Prosperity’s Chris Martenson Ph.D. and Adam Taggart. In January 2020, Chris Martenson Ph.D. talked about how COVID-19 could affect the economy and what to look out for and why. Chris and Adam then went on to offer the Crash Course Video Series, that I recommend everyone view.

In their book Prosper!: How to Prepare for the Future and Create a World Worth Inheriting, they talk about resilience, what it is, and why it matters. Chris and Adam also talk about the three E’s: Economy, Energy, and Environment. Along with, the eight forms of Capital.

  • Financial Capital – Money and understanding what it is and what debt is
  • Living Capital – Among other things, growing your own food and how important was that right now?
  • Material Capital – House, cars, roads, art, etc.
  • Knowledge Capital – Just what it is…. No one can take your knowledge from you. It doesn’t depreciate.
  • Emotional Capital – One of the most important capitals there is. Too much stress and depression in life today.
  • Social Capital – One thing with social distancing we missed our friends! The physical and emotional get-togethers. It was nice doing virtual happy hour but not the same as in person.
  • Time Capital – One of the most important things we have in life, time. We all have the same amount, it’s how you spend the time you have that matters.
  • Cultural Capital – The space we live in, aspects of the life shared by the people around us.

I put Cultural Capital last because it fits so well with those wanting to act from lessons they have learned over the last few months with COVID-19.

If you want to move to your Plan B as Simon Black says or just change your culture, as Chris and Adam talk about, here’s what to look for…

  • Quality of Soil
  • Climate/ Length of the growing season
  • Water Availability Access and Rights
  • Proximity to family/ Close friends
  • State and Local Tax Rates
  • Presence of existing community and Organizations
  • Population density
  • Proximity to Nuclear facilities
  • How is the Infrastructure (health, transportation, energy, etc)
  • Community Demographics (What type of people live there)
  • Community psychographics (what do they value)
  • Size and Composition of the Local economy
  • Crime Rate *

Since COVID-19, Peak Prosperity has more than tripled its YouTube subscribers. It took them 10 years to get to 50,000 subscribers and since COVID-19 they have over 350,000 subscribers.

These guys know what they are talking about. I recommend all my friends, family, business associates, clients to spread the word and watch the Crash Course and read the book Prosper!. They are currently giving away the book on their website.


When considering the 13 things to check when relocating, Belize hits so many of them and this is why…

Soil – in Belize we have 4 main types called Cohune Ridge, Broken Pine Ridge, A mixture of the two, and Savannah. Fifty percent of all subsistence crops that are grown are grown in this soil says the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations. This is Belize’s very best soil and you can tell that it’s true by all the Cohune Palms and Pine Trees within the land. I also own acreage with a mixture of Broken Pine Ridge and Cohune Ridge.

Climate – Our growing season depending on crops is long, but “tender” vegetables will need some shade cloth and irrigation. We have 2 seasons, dry and rainy. June 1st to about November 30th is the rainy season or hurricane season, which Belize does not get a lot of. Then the rest of the year is a dry season. If growing trees irrigation is needed in the dry season until they get established. The average temperature is 87 degrees F or 30.6 degrees C.

Water – There is plenty of water in Belize. We have freshwater rivers, lakes, and aquifers. In an upcoming webinar, we will address the mineral ownership process with a lawyer.

Proximity to family and friends – Belize is closer to more US citizens then Hawaii. We have flights from Canada, the US, Panama, Guatemala, and Mexico. The Prime Minister announced we will have flights from London Heathrow as well. That is ten different carriers which offer about 85 flights a week. That number has tripled in 8 years from 2010 to 2018.

Taxes – We are part of the top T-8 jurisdictions with the lowest taxes. The lowest tax rate for a business is 1.75% and property tax is very reasonable as well.

Community and Organizations – We have a friendly community and different organizations that support local needs. Through the COVID-19 crisis, we have learned that we can survive with borders closed. We are able to produce our needs.

Population Density – One thing Belize has is space. The country is about the size of Connecticut with a population of 408,487 in 2019 and an area of 22,970 square km or 8,865 square miles.

Near Nuclear Facilities – Belize is a country with little attraction to other foreign interests. We are small with small amounts of oil, gold, and NOT near any nuclear facilities.

Infrastructure – Belize focuses on maintaining and improving its highways. The health care system is improving every day with care more affordable than the U.S.

The Community Demographics (What type of People live there) – About 34% of the population is of mixed Maya and European descent (Mestizo), 35% are Kriols, about 10.6% are Maya, and about 6.1% are Afro-Amerindian (Garifuna). The remaining population includes European, East Indian, Chinese, Middle Eastern, and North American groups. All living together peacefully without riots.

Community psychographics (what do they value) – Family. Many generations within the same family will frequently get together. There is an increase in the influence of developing countries around Belize that is noticeable in the way locals want more things to be new.

Size and Composition of the Local economy – Belize is small with an essentially private enterprise economy that is based primarily on agriculture, tourism, and services. There is newly discovered oil in the town of Spanish Lookout. The primary exports are citrus, sugar, fish, wood, and bananas. Tourism makes up 44.9% in 2018 of the 3.367 Million GDP.

Crime – Like many countries, Belize has minor and major crimes. Crimes ranging from petty theft to domestic drug and gang-related homicides. As in traveling to any foreign land, exercise caution.

Life in Belize is a slower pace and a great score on the best things to look for when relocating. It’s even a great option for those looking to go off the grid.

If you’re interested in learning more about Peak Prosperity, join Adam and Chris on their yearly event 2020 Peak Prosperity Seminar, October 2-4, 2020.

Another event to check out is the upcoming event by The Real Estate Guys on Coronavirus Crisis Investing Webinar which includes Robert Kiyosaki, Chris Martenson, Adam Taggert, Peter Schiff, Ken McElroy, and many others. Get on their advanced notice list by signing up here or email

What I realized early on is that I don’t have to be the smartest guy, I just need to know where to find them. I surround myself with smart people so that I can stay well informed, educated and prepared for what lies ahead. I encourage you to check out Peak Prosperity and The Real Estate Guys, these are some REALLY smart guys!