How to Prepare for Inflation and Make a Profit

As the coronavirus pandemic continues, it’s clear that the global economy has been severely impacted, and the prices of goods and services will continue to rise.

Electronics, groceries, gas, furniture, and…nearly everything is becoming more expensive as the days pass. 

My favorite BBQ place in San Pedro went from $10 BZD for a plate of BBQ to $12 BZD. Hand sanitizer, Lysol spray, Clorox wipes, and so many other items are all more expensive.

But why is that?

money on beachInflation. Inflation. Inflation!

The U.S. Federal Reserve has created funds by printing money and injecting it into the economy through unemployment and stimulus checks. When there is too much money in circulation, prices increase and the currency loses its value.

Because of inflation, your income doesn’t go very far, and you’ll be spending more and receiving less for your hard-earned money…Ouch!

While there are no complete guarantees during a time of inflation, there are steps you can take and investments worth considering to get you through a rough economic time period.

Think outside the dollar
My mentors, The Real Estate Guys™, say:“Inflation distorts values and disguises reality.”

I couldn’t agree more! I’m fortunate to have an extensive circle of friends and gurus I can count on for advice and unique investment opportunities that aren’t tied to the stock market. Thinking outside the dollar helps us focus on what matters most in life and pinpoint the connections worth pursuing to get us there!

belize over water homeEven though real estate in Belize is sold in US Dollars, investing in this way provides you with a Plan B (as Simon Black says). When you own real estate, you have options, and since it’s a cash market right now, it is a “bank” if you will, to park money in assets. I see values going up around 5-8% a year in Belize, and it’s the best real estate market I’ve experienced over the 10 years that I’ve lived here. We are seeing multiple offers on properties, and they’re selling quickly!

Diversify your portfolio
Although I do enjoy helping others invest in real estate in Belize, I also share different ways you can create an income to ensure all of your money isn’t going to one place.

Some ideas include: 
invest in BTC
+ Real estate syndication and passive 
+ Investing in gold and silver
+ Investing in private placements
+ Start or buy a business
+ Invest in cryptocurrency

Through my newsletter and webinars, I share my knowledge with you on how to create passive investments and ways to secure your purchasing power. It’s rewarding whenever I have the opportunity to help others invest their money and make it work for them. If you are enjoying them, please pass all of the info along to your family, friends, and network… As my friend Victor Menasce says, If you are enjoying what you are hearing, go tell 2 others. Why keep all this goodness to yourself?

As always, if you are ready to learn more about investing, schedule a call.