Investing Beyond the Border: Everything You Need to Know About International Investing

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The international market is an area of investment that a lot of investors overlook. There are already so many assets and companies in which to invest domestically, so looking at other economies, understandably, can seem like overkill.

Not to mention, these investments can feel risky since you may not be as familiar with them as you are with domestic companies.

In this article, we’re going to demystify the international market, as well as go over why you should look abroad for your next big investment.

What is International Investing?

International investing is exactly what it sounds like; investing in assets and securities that exist outside of your home country. These can be financial securities like stocks and bonds or physical assets like farmland, real estate, local businesses, and much more.

If you can imagine investing in something in your home country, you can invest in similar products abroad.



What are the Benefits of International Investments?

There are two primary benefits of investing internationally, which are diversification and growth. Let’s cover diversification first.

The principle of diversification is to mitigate your investment risk by spreading the allocation of your funds across multiple investment types. This can mean investing a little bit in stocks, a little in bonds, a little in real estate, and so on.

An international investment achieves the same, but usually to an even greater degree. For example, even if you invest in both stocks and real assets in the US, both of those assets can still be at risk if the market fluctuates.

However, if you invest in US stocks and foreign real assets (or vice versa), BOTH markets would have to fluctuate negatively for both assets to be hurt.

The second benefit, growth, takes advantage of the separation between markets as well. Especially in emerging markets, such as Latin America, the potential for explosive growth is much higher than in the US or EU.

You can invest in safe and steady assets in your home nation while also capitalizing on rapid market development abroad.

And if the LatAm market doesn’t end up growing the way you hope, you can still fall back on your domestic investments. It’s an even safer way to hedge your bets.


How CCG Facilitates International Investments

If you know anything about us at Caribbean Capital Group, you know that we LOVE Belize. Belize is part of Latin America and it is a market that is currently experiencing some incredible growth.

Belize is in a very opportune spot for investors: on the one hand, most assets like real estate and securities are still relatively cheap compared to the US market, however the Belizean economy is growing rapidly.

This makes it ideal for seasoned investors looking for their next overseas investments, as well as investors just looking to dip their toes into the international market.

Our cacao farm in Belize, Finca Chocolat, is the perfect investment for both groups. Agriculture is not only a safe, appreciable asset in general, but given Belize’s climate and economy, agriculture performs exceptionally well here.



And this farm isn’t some nebulous entity that you or CCG won’t ever see; we actively check on and participate in the farm to ensure productivity and strong returns for our investors. You can even come and take a tour if you wanted!

Whether you’re a sophisticated and experienced investor or a new investor looking for unique opportunities, we can recommend no better place to start than Finca Chocolat in Belize.


To learn more about investment opportunities available in Belize, check out our latest offerings here.