July’s Update: Life in Belize and COVID-19

Back in May 2020, we sent you the first COVID-19 update with a timeline of how our story unfolded and the feedback was GREAT. Many replied that we should continue to include updates on how Belize is navigating this crisis. So, here’s the latest update from paradise…

Belize is now known for being one of the not so many countries with the lowest positive cases of the coronavirus. Our last update in May, we had reported 53 days with no new positive cases. Since, with repatriation flights and illegal crossings through our borders, the numbers have increased. As of July 16, 2020, Belize has 37 cases total with 2 confirmed deaths and 15 active cases. Still relatively low compared to other areas in the world.

The government is doing a 5-Stage opening of the country. It is a balancing act, but a much-needed one to get the economy running and the people back to work.

Here is a snapshot of the 5-Stage Reopening Plan for Belize.

Phase 1 – May 2020: Travel within Belize was allowed. Staycations became a trend. Belizean cruise ship workers were called home and placed in mandatory quarantine. A State of Emergency was declared and a local curfew was in place.

Phase 2 – June 2020: Belizeans living abroad were allowed to come home and placed in approved government facilities. On June 30th, the State of Emergency was lifted. The reopening of pools, bars, and gyms had begun.

Phase 3 – August 15,2020: The Philip Goldson International Airport reopens. This is the first phase for the reopening of leisurely travel. Arriving travelers must follow the Prime Minister’s guidelines for entry into Belize.

Additionally, travelers to Belize will be put through a number of precautionary measures. That includes mandatory temperature checks at the airport; numerous sanitizing procedures; and agreement to adhere to a track and trace system.

Also important to note, travelers will have to stay in a full-service resort. This requirement is to help prevent visitors from wandering around on their own. Hotels will have to adhere to what the Belize Tourism Board calls the GOLD standard.

Phase 4 – (Date TBA): This phase allows borders to open and travel to happen more freely.

Phase 5 – (Date TBA): The final stage will focus on reentry of the cruise ships.

There is a huge amount of excitement and fear surrounding the opening of the Phillip S.W. Goldson International Airport on August 15, 2020. Including the recent announcement from American Airlines that their flights to Belize will begin on August 18th.

Within the real estate market, we are unsure as to when we will be able to show buyers properties in person. In spite of this little delay in our normal buying process, sales have been steady with many using the virtual showing option. We are also in need of property owners to visit and check on their homes.


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