Will Belize ever see a down market?

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At Caribbean Capital Group, we love to share all things Belize and the many reasons to invest in property in this amazing country whether it’s passively or actively. 

There are many reasons why people flock to Belize. Its natural beautiful landscape, sunny skies, and year-round warm weather makes it an ideal place to live. Belize is also a stable country that has strong safety measures, and compared to other Caribbean markets, it is still very affordable. It’s close enough to the US to make it easy access for traveling to and from the States, if n

eeded. Belize’s property market continues to grow and it is also one of the easiest countries to buy real estate in. 

So why is it unlikely that Belize will ever see a down market? We look at the reasons why:

  1. People will always need a roof to sleep under. The supply and demand of real estate is always there. With a population around  419,000 and all the reasons we mentioned above, Locals and expats are wanting a nice warm place to go.  With demand growing, the market is only growing in Belize. Just look at the Baby Boomers, over 15,000 are retiring every DAY! While half are looking at Arizona and Florida there are still a great many looking to the Caribbean and Belize. Being English speaking is a high point according to AARP.
  2. Always wealthy tourists. In the past several years, tourism has been changing in Belize to have more affluent guests looking to enjoy more luxury experiences. More luxury resorts and restaurants have been growing with the increase in demand. 

What we saw in 2008-2011 is that Belize saw more people coming to Belize instead of much farther, more expensive places to vacation. 

  1. In general, it is cheaper to live than most places. The currency exchange rate is permanently pegged to the US dollar at a rate of  $2BZ to $1US and you can use the US dollar to make purchases almost anywhere. Although costs vary per area, the overall cost of living is comparably lower than the US. We have seen some inflation as everyone else so prices are about 8 to 15% off but my Cost of Living Report gives you an idea.
  2. Cash market. Since Belize is a cash market mainly and all properties are paid for. It is a more stable environment and little to no counterparty risk. Again like we saw in 2008, while some had personal circumstances that NEEDED to sell, the majority of the market stayed the same or grew. While we cannot predict the future we can look to other markets and see Belize will get there and you are not too late. 

Because of the value and beauty of Belize, even though the market may not make a downturn, it is still an affordable and desirable place to buy property in. 

We hope you enjoyed learning about what’s going on in Belize. Here at Caribbean Capital Group, we love to keep you updated. If you’d like to know more, feel free to contact us.  We hope to see you in Belize soon!