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08 Oct: Top Differences Between Money and Currency

Money. Cash. Capital. Funds. Finances. Moola. Currency. There are lots of different words used to define what makes our world go round. We spend money everyday to buy goods and services. We use money to invest in beautiful Belize, travel the world, support our families, and live a fulfilling life. But did you know there is an actual difference between money and currency? Before we get into the differences, let’s review a little history. For the last 3,000 years, money has existed in some shape or form. Before that time, a system of bartering existed, which is the direct trade…

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30 Aug: How to Prepare for Inflation and Make a Profit

As the coronavirus pandemic continues, it’s clear that the global economy has been severely impacted, and the prices of goods and services will continue to rise. Electronics, groceries, gas, furniture, and…nearly everything is becoming more expensive as the days pass.  My favorite BBQ place in San Pedro went from $10 BZD for a plate of BBQ to $12 BZD. Hand sanitizer, Lysol spray, Clorox wipes, and so many other items are all more expensive. But why is that? Inflation. Inflation. Inflation! The U.S. Federal Reserve has created funds by printing money and injecting it into the economy through unemployment and…