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13 Jun: COVID-19 & The Smart Guys

We all agree the world is changing and FAST. We must change, pivot, and adapt if we are to survive. The answer is not watching Fox News or CNN all day. It’s not even about COVID-19. It’s about all the money the US and other governments are printing to pay for the stimulus packages and how that is to be paid back. What we can learn from a halting of the economy from this one instance? There are very smart people in the world that are sharing their knowledge, educating with their expertise and I’ve had the pleasure to meet with some of…

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21 May: COVID-19 and Belize

COVID-19 and Belize Belize’s tourism had grown over 96% from 2011 to 2018 and was one of the fastest-growing  Caribbean destinations. In March of 2020, all that came to a screeching halt with COVID-19. I have faith that Belize will be a tourist destination once again when we are all safe to travel.    Here’s a recap of our journey through this crisis so far… the first known cases were from a Belizean/American coming back from Los Angeles and another who came from New York. That was the start of the spread. As of May 2020, Belize has had 18 cases…