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26 Oct: The Real Secret to Not Paying Income Tax

Let me start by saying this is NOT a political article on whether you are for or against Trump. It’s how to legally pay as little tax as possible.  Over the last few days, the national news outlets have focused on how President Donald Trump has not paid US income tax for 10 of the last 15 years or he has paid a total of $750.00.  Remember the debate between him and Hillary Clinton some 4 years ago, and she asked him directly about his taxes, and Trump said it was because he was smart.  Does that make you mad?…

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03 Jul: Blockchain Technology and Cryptocurrency… Is this the New Way to Purchase Real Estate?

What is Blockchain Technology and Cryptocurrency? Imagine transferring money to your friend online. The normal process consists of sending your money to your bank and a merchant who will process your money and will be the one to send the money to your friend. By doing such a transaction, you’ll have to pay some fees and the bank will be the one who’ll store your transaction details.  What if the bank suddenly shuts down or has technical issues? Or someone hacks your account? Or you exceeded the transfer limits for the day? Things can go wrong with our medium of…

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13 Jun: COVID-19 & The Smart Guys

We all agree the world is changing and FAST. We must change, pivot, and adapt if we are to survive. The answer is not watching Fox News or CNN all day. It’s not even about COVID-19. It’s about all the money the US and other governments are printing to pay for the stimulus packages and how that is to be paid back. What we can learn from a halting of the economy from this one instance? There are very smart people in the world that are sharing their knowledge, educating with their expertise and I’ve had the pleasure to meet with some of…